About us

We are a team of four puzzle friends who enjoy solving various types of puzzles together. After we visited our first escape room in the Allgäu by chance - due to bad weather during the holidays - we were immediately infected by escape game fever. Since we soon had a lot of puzzle ideas of our own floating around in our heads after visiting other escape rooms, we decided to set up our own escape room. We built our escape rooms completely on our own, so you will never find our rooms anywhere else in the world.


Now we look forward to every visit from you...

We hope that you also have a lot of fun solving our puzzles and enjoy an hour full of excitement.


We wish you a lot of fun and an unforgettable experience at AARGAU ESCAPE!


Beat, Käthi and Tanja Stadler and Tobias Heimgartner


with the employees: Sascha, Nicolas, Rahel, Gabriel, Renée, Joachim



Auf unserer Buchungsseite sind die verfügbare Termine ersichtlich.

Weitere Termine sind auf Anfrage möglich.


info@aargau-escape.ch - 077 447 22 54 - 5524 Niederwil


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